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Talent Concept

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We know that talents are the foundation of enterprise development and competition. EASTOP regards talents as the first resource of the enterprise, regards relying on talents as the fundamental prerequisite for enterprise development, respects talents as the fundamental criterion of enterprise development, and promotes the common development of enterprises and employees as the fundamental task of the talent strategy.


Talent Recruitment

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position education work experience salary release time
Sales High School Unlimited Negotiable 2020-09-03

Job information, job overview

1. Fully execute and complete the monthly sales targets and tasks within the jurisdiction;

2. The supply, payment collection and the development of new core sales points in each sales point within the jurisdiction of the full authority;

3. According to the company's terminal standardization construction specifications, guide the standard display of samples at the point of sale counter, and the placement of promotional materials and promotional materials;

4. Fully-owned shopping guide consultants and distributors train various sales skills, product knowledge, and corporate culture, enhance shopping guide and distributor sales skills, and maintain the relationship between sales points and customers;

5. Timely and properly handle the difficult and related problems of shopping guide consultants in the terminal under their jurisdiction;

6. Actively communicate with dealers, plan and organize related promotion or promotional activities according to the needs of sales points and sales seasons, etc., to increase the market share of vivo in the store and promote the brand;


A. College degree or above, no gender limit, 21-30 years old;

B. Cheerful personality, standard in Mandarin, with a strong desire for success and the pursuit of personal value realization;

C. Have more than half a year of sales experience and certain training or related job experience.

(Veterans or more than two years of sales experience can relax academic requirements)

clerk Unlimited 1 year Negotiable 2020-09-03

Overview of administrative clerk work:

Responsible for the company's front desk information, data collection, transmission and management, attendance, employee entry and exit registration, vehicle entry and exit registration

Work content and responsibilities of administrative clerks:

1. Responsible for formulating the work rules for front-end information management, and strictly implement them after approval;

2. Responsible for the internal issuance and transmission of company documents, notices, announcements and other materials;

3. Responsible for the registration, reception and reception of guests' visits;

4. Responsible for the communication of internal work instructions and meeting spirit;

5. Responsible for the layout of the company's conference room and preparation for related meetings;

6. Responsible for the communication and contact of internal personnel's uploading and issuing work;

7. Responsible for drafting relevant notices, notices and other documents according to the arrangement of the superior;

8. Responsible for the printing, copying and faxing of the company's relevant documents;

9. Responsible for collecting and properly keeping relevant documents and information materials;

10. Responsible for ticketing, hotel, restaurant reservations;

11. Responsible for employee entry and exit registration, employee attendance statistics, and vehicle entry and exit registration;

12. Responsible for the collection, distribution and registration of office supplies;

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